Or Something? Classic Once Again!

The Author
"I COULD do that. Or I could just sit here drinking this coke."
The Author, and Star of the comic. He's notoriously lazy. Incidentally, when In Character, one of his character is whipped (Not Literally!), by Nei's alt.

Crazy Artist Girl
"Well, you know, the thing about that is (Rant Omitted)"
Sarah is one of Mako's IRL friends. And she's an artist. And sometimes she rants like crazy. CRAZY, I SAY! Oh, and she has laser eyeballs.

Wielder of the Wisdom Stick
"Mako. If you don't stop talking right now, I'm gonna hit you wityh the wisdom stick."
Destin is another of the Videoland possy. And keeper of the wisdom stick. But it would be spoilerriffic to explain the Wisdom stick before it's official introduction.

The Obligatory Femme
"Y'know what? That's just so nonsensical even I'm not gonna let that pass."
Nei/Kunoichi is, as mentioned the obligatory female. She also tends to contradict Mako's arguments when she can. Incidentally, her character, Crystal, has Mako's Character, Gold, whipped. And she has a harem.

Abuse Monkey
Ark is the official comic abuse monkey since Gamen got written. He seems to have an endless supply of Linkbabies in his skull. He is also another Aussie.

The Authors Sister
Tress is Mako's sister, and shares some Author powers. She's also stolen a keyblade. Don't ask where she got it. On top of all that, she has a Linkbaby fixation.

The Authors Father
"No, if I just twist this like so, I'll blow up the universe...Whoops."
Robbie is Mako's father, and a genuine published Author. He could also probably bring about the MUSHpocalypse, if he isn't kept in check. Especially with his sidekick, Plush Cthulhu, around.

Robbie's Sidekick
"*Quote Unprintable*"
Robbie's lab assistant, Plush Cthulhu is the cutest embodiment of evil since the Linkbabies. He has this tendency to eat people, and break the universe with Robbie's help.

They're miniature clones of Link. They are actually the babies of Past Link. Just don't ask, okay.

The Signal Of Death
No Quote Available
It's a rope. And when it's puleld, all hell breaks loose. It was stolen from ACROSS HQ.

Name: Makoknight
Role: Author's Incarnation/Savior of the Online World
Quote: "Alright, I'm pretty sure I'm going to update this time..."
Profile: Mako's back, and he's more clueless (And more powerful) then ever before! Or is he? Well, probably. I think...

Name: Sean
Role: Sadistic Bastard/Code Abuser
Quote: "Wait a second...How many dead did you say there were?" *slash* "Go fix that total."
Profile: The dragon slaying bastard has also returned, albeit with blue hair, and now has the powers of code...But can he use them? Well, probably not, but who needs 'em. He can kill stuff! 

Name: Metboy
Role: Bumbling Sidekick/Invulnerable Thingy
Quote: "...You screwed up again, didn't you?"
Profile: One of BoF's charstaff, Metboy has joined Mako's quest to destroy the Trinity. Armed with an Armor of nerpium, does anyone have a chance of hurting him?

Name: Tress
Role: Annoying Villain
Quote: "Tactics? I don't need no stinkin' tactics! Cry havoc and let loose the frogs of war!"
Profile: The new villain on the block, and Mako's sister. Will the online world survive two members of Mako's family? Also, do you know how hard it is to be a pyromaniac living in an Ice Cave?

Name: Frog
Role: Minion
Quote: "I need a new boss."
Profile: Tricked into working for Tress. Just that simple.

Name: Crono
Role: Minion
Quote: "..."
Profile: Same as Frog.

(Image Pending)
Name: Lady Downtime
Role: Evil Villain Type
Quote: "Hrmph...Don't compare me to the trinity. I'm better than them."
Profile: Another being of power on the net. Capable of bringing MUSHes and MUXes to their knees, and equal to the trinity. There's just something different about her...

(Image pending)
Name: Lilith
Role: Hyper Sidekick
Quote: "Are you sure you need this thing? I mean sure it circulates blood, but you're a zombie you don't need blood! Your'e just meant to walk around and go 'Braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnssss...' Hey! That's a fun word to say! Braaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnns!"
Profile: It's Lilith! You know Lilith! The one who has too much sugar and scares people with her wacky phrases? She's also been pulled into Mako's quest. I'm not sure wh oto pity more...

(Image Pending)
Name: Jair
Role: Annoying Sideline Guy
Quote: "Your wife is a big hippo!"
Profile: Represented by the Shadowgate Hand, High King Jair is an asshole, who insults people, and calls their wives big hippos.

(Image Pending)
Name: The Hero of Spielburg (THoS)
Role: Kenny!
Quote: "Whats do you mean that antwerps is right behinds me? AHHHHHH!" *squish*
Profile: He dies. Alot. Like Kenny. Only he dies more.

Name: Makoknight
Role: Author's Incarnation
 Profile: Makoknight is my Incarnation in the strip. And seemingly, he is one of the sources of the insanity.

Name: Sean
Role: Sadistic Bastard
Profile: Sean is the comics sadistic bastard. And local Dragon Slayer.

Name: Gamen
Role: Err...Yeah...
Profile: Gamen isn't here for all that much relly, except for maybe a plot device.

Name: Angie
Role: OFC
Profile: Angie is the comics Obligatory Female Character. I haven't decided what else yet.

Name: Varsis
Role: Resident Mage
Profile: Varsis tries to contradict Mako at every step. And he's a mage.

Name: Squeeky-Bobo
Role: Local God
Profile: Squeeky-Bobo is almighty. Well, except when it comes to the comic, for plot devices are stronger than even gods.

Name: Idle
Role: Recurring Villain/Weakling
Profile: Idle is evil. And quite the cliche villain. Good thing Mako and the others aren't Cliche heroes.

Name: Lag
Role: Recurring Villain
Profile: Lag isn't much for words, and fights with great skill. But he seems to be weak against the shield of Ranting.

Name: Netdeath
Role: Recurring Villain
Profile: Netdeath is the strongest of the Trinity, and one of the most powerful beings on the internet. He's just. That. Evil.

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Squeeky-Bobo, Sean, Angie, Gamen and Varsis are based on real people.
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