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- Mako
Yes, it's everyone's favourite writers incarnation, Makoknight!
- Elias Kiritsu (Uniform)
Elias is my first character on M3 (Megaman MUSH). Enjoy.
- Elias Kiritsu (Casual)
This is Elias Again, this time in casual clothing, instead of uniform.
- 'Lisa' Kiritsu
Something evil I'm plotting for my character if I get a certain TP Approved...

- Fallen
A character I'm planning for M3. (NOTE: The Name in the pic is the original name for the character)

- Fallen (Final Form)
The final revision of Fallen that I shall never be able to get. (Sigh)

- Kaf
Kaf, a character I do have a chance of getting, and a character I intend on getting.

- Kaf
Kaf Again, this time in her armored form.


- Hymn (Armored)
The Armored Form of Tron's Character 'Hymn' on M3.
- Hymn (Unarmored)
The unarmored form of Hymn.
- Strider Hiryu
It's Silent Yu! Yes, the Cipher Wielding Ninja from Strider is here!

Danny Henderson

- Shin (Shikyo)
This is Shin in his humanoid form, 'Shikyo'. Shin is one of Danny's characters on M3

-Shin (Shin)
This is Shin in his true form, the 'Shin' Armor.

- Alex Renfield
Alex is Danny's next planned character for M3.

- Phoebus
Phoebus is Phoebus' character on M3, the Repliforce Marine XO, and he who shall stop the evil fascist pawn, Templar. At least, I think that's it...
- Phoebe
I think this is Phoebus, just in a female form. Don't quote me on it, though.

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