Yes! Here it is! The links section, at last! Enjoy!

MU* Links...

Megaman MUSH (M3) - Megaman MUSH. One of my first RP MUSHes Fun place, based on Megaman. Check it out.
Megaman MUSH: Dark Prophecy (M3:DP) - The Sister MUSH to M3, alot darker. Based on an Alt-U TP M3 once had. Check it out.
Breath of Fire MUX (BoF) - Look Familiar? Yes! This is the place where Or Something? is currently based! Breath of Fire MUX! MY MUX! CHECK IT OUT! I COMMAND IT! *coughs*

Comic Links
Online Life - One of the top three Sprite Comics out there. READ IT! THIS I ALSO COMMAND!
Sluggy Freelance - One of the best comics out there. Worship the comic!
ADVENTURERS! - A damned good RPG based comic. Check it out.
RPG World - Another good RPG based comic. There's even been an Adventurers/RPGWorld Crossover. Check it out now!
Starsomething - A comic that's the combined work of Ian J (RPG World) and Webrunner (ADVENTURERS!). Science Fictiony. It's good.
Bob and George - One of the other big sprite comics. Also teh first one. Megaman Based. Very fun. Read it.
8-Bit Theater - The other of the top 3 sprite comics, in my opinion. FF1 Based. I like swords.

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