Makoknight's M3 Logs

Welcome to my Logs page. All are HTMLized, but aren't really edited, cause as of late, I've been to slack to edit them. They are sorted into Elias Logs and Hailstorm Logs. Enjoy.

Elias Kiritsu Logs
Shade Man - Elias's first night on the job, in San-An. Status: Edited

Camelot Neo - The start of the Overlord TP. First time I used the combat system. Almost stopped Dynamo stealing Excalibur. And got taken down in one hit by Metal Man. The pain still hurts. Status: Edited

Cairo - During the Overlords TP. This phrase defines the log entirely. "GET OFF MY TURTLE!" Status: Edited

The Lynch Mop - During the Overlords TP. First RP thing I organized. Bizarre. Truly Bizarre.  Status: Unedited

Aleph - Just some random RP. Elias goes for coffee with one of the Shadow Hutner femmes. Status: Edited

Snake Man, Part Deux - Another bit of Random RP, Elias and Snake Man have a bit of a discussion. Status: Edited

Snake Man, Part Drei - Yet another scene with Snake. Forgotten what it was about, to be honest, but it happened. Status: Unedited.

Resident Evil - The Resident Evil TP. Elias got somewhat famous from this one. Beware, it's LONG. Status: Unedited

Preparing for the Kidnapping - During one episode of the Crash Man hour, I bought Quint. Unfortuanately, the package was intercepted by Dynamo. This was a scene preparing for a kidnapping that never happened. Status: Unedited

The Reploid Room - Just a random scene at the Reploid Room. VERY random. Status: Unedited

Fear the Kawaii - Another scene in the Reploid Room. Elias and Shin have a little catching up, and both meet Zestien. Fear. Status: Unedited

COFFEE!(TM) - Elias goes for Coffee. Runs into Zestien, and turns Quick Man into Over Caffienated Man. The world is doomed. Staus: Unedited

The Search For Saturns Pendant - Well, It turned out to be a red herring, but it was fun. One word: PREN! Status: Unedited

Mercenary Work - Landon needs some hired hands. Elias hears about it, and decides to go in under cover. First part of our Side-TP, Seeking Zestien. (Working Title) 

Hailstorm Couatl

Woodsy - Hailstorm's first completed scene, was talking with Woodsy. Angst Warning. Status: Unedited

Woodsy II - Another Scene with Woodsy, Hailstorm interrogates Wood Man. Status: Unedited

Hailstorm the Spy - An odd scene, Hailstorm, Spiral Pegasus and Messenger Marou are called by Iris, but this devolves into a mission to spy on Iris. Status: Unedited

The Mission to Save Colonel - Alas, a Mission I didn't get to carry out (Curse you, Bastion!), but here's the logsd of the preceding events. Enjoy. Status: Unedited

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